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Self-Accountability: Decisions and Responsibility

In a world where individuals, corporations and governments promote the advocation of responsibility to a source other than themselves, we as a society are faced with some life altering decisions!

Many people tend to subconsciously give up their personal responsibility with statements like: ‘the government will take care of all of our needs’ and ‘my lawyer or financial advisor takes care of that’. This line of thinking is both dangerous and irresponsible and it will lead to negative outcomes in the future.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t seek advice or additional options from professionals but ultimately, we should be able to discern and pursue what is best for both ourselves and our dependents.

The herd mentality is a slippery slope! An example of this is societies willingness to except the mainstream media’s narrative regarding important key issues as fact. Fifty years ago ninety-five percent of reported media was fact checked and five percent was opinion, today the opposite is true. Despite this change in priorities, we continue to accept the information given to us at face value.

If we are to have a viable and sustainable society, we need to take back the responsibility of our decision making as individuals from media, government, corporations and the like. We must discern the importance of spirituality, education, health, finance and all other value-based subjects for ourselves. The idea of representation for the people will become hollow and meaningless if we, the people, don’t start becoming accountable for the things happening around us!

In conclusion, it is crucial that we step up and decide for ourselves what values we will live by in order to ensure that governments, mainstream media and corporations don’t get to continue dictating and monopolizing them.

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Dan Hasler