Mentality of Wealth

On the subject of wealth there are indeed countless, timeless and valuable teachings. To educate yourself on the basic principles of wealth is rudimentary.

Mastering the practice of wealth of however, requires no less than 10,000 hours of effort!

For Wealth to become a way of life it requires a certain mentality. It prescribes delaying one’s gratification, while increasing productivity. It demands great discipline, hard work and balanced thinking.

In a world where we are inundated with a focus on self- indulgence and immediate gratification, it is not difficult to comprehend in recent decades, the wealth has and continues to be siphoned away from the middle class to the upper class at an unprecedented pace.

The middle class arose in the 1500’s, as the Christian church no longer supported the feudal system. The

The formerly enslaved peasants realized they could leave the land in favor of a town or city and become a butcher, baker or cobbler and thus experience net savings.

This migration developed a middle class and the largest creation of wealth in the history of mankind, lasting nearly 500 years!

Simply put, they lived within their means and saved the rest.

“ There are only two ways to create Wealth, increase your means or decrease your wants, the most effective is to do both”  – Benjamin Franklyn