financial fitness kitThe Bullion Bank is proud to be affiliated with Financial Fitness, a wealth management program that is taking the world by storm. To access the Playbook on financial fitness drop into The Bullion Bank or give Dan a call. 902.434.1853.

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The Financial Fitness Program teaches the principles behind the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance.


The Bullion Bank’s founder, Dan Hasler, has been a wealth management professional for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of clients, including individuals, families and small businesses, successfully adopt responsible budgeting and sound money practices.

Dan is now offering his professional consulting services to The Bullion Bank’s customers.

Sound Money Practices

Adopting sound money practices is choosing to make positive financial decisions based on your income and lifestyle objectives. During an initial hour-long consultation, Dan will determine if the type of lifestyle you desire is financially feasible and sustainable. Subsequently, he will provide you with options to make responsible financial decisions. Dan will share his knowledge of best practices to assist you in achieving financial health and well being by adhering to sound money practices.


Dan is a proponent of Austrian economics when it comes to budgeting; he believes you must spend less than you earn in order to maintain a healthy bottom line. Together with Dan, you will explore your current financial situation, including all income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Using a strictly numbers based approach, Dan will provide you with a detailed plan to balance your budget, eliminate debt and create savings.

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