Self-Accountability: Decisions and Responsibility

In a world where individuals, corporations and governments promote the advocation of responsibility to a source other than themselves, we as a society are faced with some life altering decisions!

Many people tend to subconsciously give up their personal responsibility with statements like: ‘the government will take care of all of our needs’ and ‘my lawyer or financial advisor takes care of that’. This line of thinking is both dangerous and irresponsible and it will lead to negative outcomes in the future.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t seek advice or additional options from professionals but ultimately, we should be able to discern and pursue what is best for both ourselves and our dependents.

The herd mentality is a slippery slope! An example of this is societies willingness to except the mainstream media’s narrative regarding important key issues as fact. Fifty years ago ninety-five percent of reported media was fact checked and five percent was opinion, today the opposite is true. Despite this change in priorities, we continue to accept the information given to us at face value.

If we are to have a viable and sustainable society, we need to take back the responsibility of our decision making as individuals from media, government, corporations and the like. We must discern the importance of spirituality, education, health, finance and all other value-based subjects for ourselves. The idea of representation for the people will become hollow and meaningless if we, the people, don’t start becoming accountable for the things happening around us!

In conclusion, it is crucial that we step up and decide for ourselves what values we will live by in order to ensure that governments, mainstream media and corporations don’t get to continue dictating and monopolizing them.

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Dan Hasler

Mentality of Wealth

On the subject of wealth there are indeed countless, timeless and valuable teachings. To educate yourself on the basic principles of wealth is rudimentary.

Mastering the practice of wealth of however, requires no less than 10,000 hours of effort!

For Wealth to become a way of life it requires a certain mentality. It prescribes delaying one’s gratification, while increasing productivity. It demands great discipline, hard work and balanced thinking.

In a world where we are inundated with a focus on self- indulgence and immediate gratification, it is not difficult to comprehend in recent decades, the wealth has and continues to be siphoned away from the middle class to the upper class at an unprecedented pace.

The middle class arose in the 1500’s, as the Christian church no longer supported the feudal system. The

The formerly enslaved peasants realized they could leave the land in favor of a town or city and become a butcher, baker or cobbler and thus experience net savings.

This migration developed a middle class and the largest creation of wealth in the history of mankind, lasting nearly 500 years!

Simply put, they lived within their means and saved the rest.

“ There are only two ways to create Wealth, increase your means or decrease your wants, the most effective is to do both”  – Benjamin Franklyn

1969 $20 Solid Numbered Note

A special type of radar note is the “Solid” Numbered Note where the serial number is made up of one digit, for example; the numbers 1111111, 2222222, etc. These are called “solid” numbers.

For every ten million consecutive notes produced, a maximum of nine notes may have a “solid” number. These are the most desirable variety of “radar” notes.

Poul Matheisen, Consultant Numismatics

Poul Matheisen
Poul Matheisen

Poul is the lead Consultant on numismatics at The Coin Vault.

Poul has been a serious collector of rare coins and paper currency for more than 35 years.

He’s the past President of the Halifax Regional Coin Club,  and brings a wealth of knowledge to fellow collectors and those interested in learning more about numismatics.

Poul is an integral member of our team and plays a key role in the development and positioning of The Coin Vault as a competitive Numismatic Dealer.

Poul’s depth of knowledge in numismatics has resulted in The Coin Vault carrying a range of products that separate us from our competitors. We specialize in Certified high end Bills & Coins.

Poul recognizes that no one person has all of the knowledge required to assist collectors, but through colleagues and strategic partnerships we can meet all the needs of our clients.

The Coin Vault is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (R.C.N.A), the Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association (A.P.N.A), the Canadian Association Numismatic Dealers(C.A.N.D) and of course the Halifax Regional Coin Club (H.R.C.C).

Becoming Balanced

An expert’s advice on financial balance

In order for anyone to obtain sustainable wealth, one needs to take a balanced approach of thinking with discipline in mind.
The balance only comes when we prioritize the things that are important in our respective lives.

This can be done through implementing critical thought followed by the disciplined practice of managing our time between our areas of importance.
Only then do we begin to understand balance and the significance it brings in our daily living.

“There are only two ways to become wealthy, increase your means or decrease your wants, the most effective is to do both”

Benjamin Franklyn

The 7 Principles of Financial Balance


1. Pay yourself first! It is not how much you earn that matters, but what you keep that determines financial fitness. Be disciplined and save what you pay yourself!

2. Money is a gift! It has a specific role. This means you have a stewardship. You are to utilize money for things that matter, for family and beyond!

3. Live within your means. Always. No exceptions. Follow a good budget. Give your spouse a small allowance for discretionary spending each month and do not nit pick each other on the little things.

4. Stop getting financial advice from broke people. Get advice only from those whose finances you want to emulate. Do not make the mistake of assuming someone with a high income can give sound financial advice as many of these live beyond their means.

5. Learn to delay gratification. Consistently budget and save for unexpected expenses. Replacing appliances or a roof is an expected expense and should be saved and budgeted for separately.

6. Pay 10% of net income to tithing. Give even if you are broke. Giving puts us in the mindset of abundance and puts any financial anxiety in their proper perspective, so it should not be limited to tithing. The Bible categorizes giving as 1. Tithes and 2. Offerings

7. Using one’s time, talent and treasure to genuinely help others naturally increases our happiness. Seeking money for money’s sake may or may not influence our happiness, but seeking money in order to fulfill our stewardship to serve and bless others automatically increases it.

Putting these time-tested principles into practice brings forth balance and sustainability, it changes our mentality for the better. Building balance in our lives is not an easy undertaking. Balance requires a higher degree of free thinking. ie (One who forms opinions on a basis of reason independent of authority).

Keeping up with the Jones’ is in most cases a recipe for financial failure. For the past 50-60 years the western world has practiced the unsustainable path of using credit to obtain financial freedom. We have become accustomed to using various instruments of debt ie. Credit cards lines of credit and other avenues to obtain our wants, this experiment has proven to be a great failure. Before this time, our parents and grandparents had the right balance, they purchased what they needed with what they earned and saved for their wants. They lived within their means.

The good news is, there is a path back to balanced Financial Fitness. If we choose to follow the 7 principles with discipline, we will achieve sustainable wealth.

Once you achieve wealth, keeping it is the next focus.
We are very quick to insure our lives/homes and auto’s. Why is it few insure their wealth?
Historically, if one held 10% of their net worth in physical Bullion/Gold/Silver or both, it has protected their wealth. It has proven to be the best financial refuge during very uncertain times throughout history.