The Bullion Bank is a full-service precious metals dealership founded by Dan Hasler to make the purchase of precious metals fair and accessible.

Dan is a Canadian military veteran of the Gulf War. For more than two decades, he has practiced wealth management with an emphasis on wealth preservation for his clients. In that time, he has turned a keen and practiced eye to global markets and the geopolitics that influence them.

We believe a good customer is one that is informed. We freely share our knowledge and guide our customers to educate themselves about the benefits of owning precious metals. We also help them adopt sound money practices. Whether you are buying investment grade gold bars or a single silver coin to mark a special occasion, The Bullion Bank has the products and the service you can trust.

We sell only to people who truly want to buy. If you are unsure, we will guide you to sources that will help educate you on the gold and silver markets. When you are ready to buy, we will help you find the products that will meet your portfolio goals.

 Learn more about Dan by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

The Bullion Bank offers competitive prices on Canada’s most popular bullion products.

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